frequently asked questions

You know what this means, right?! It's PARTY TIME! First, I require a $500 retainer fee and signed contract to make sure no one else tries to snag your spot and make it legal. Your remaining balance will be due 30 days before your big day. 
For portrait sessions, your session fee paid in full and a signed contract will secure your date. 

What is the process, should we decide to move forward?

What if you can't show up to our wedding due to sickness or unexpected emergency?

Hopefully it isn't the Coronavirus or the flu but sometimes this ish happens. I'm sorry in advance if you're the one it happens to. But just so you know, I always have a backup. Luckily for everyone involved, I'm plugged in to a great community of photographers who are amazing and will help at a moments notice. I will make sure to call you and let you know the situation and reassure you that someone I love will be heading your way if I can't.


For weddings, you can expect about 300-900 edited photos. 
For portrait sessions, I will typically send out 40+ images. 
All of these will be delivered through a private online gallery, which you can then proceed to download from. 

my partner finds photos awkward, is that okay?

Hahaha! You're not the first and definitely will not be the last. My personality ranges from prim and proper to straight up ghettoooo! You will not be feeling awkward by the time I'm done with you. By the time the wedding comes, we'll be buddies and the comfortable level will reach new heights. I'll tailor the session to you so you won't have to feel like this is another chore in the lineup of wedding planning. I gotchu!

I use Photoshop for personal projects. I sometimes will remove an annoying zit if it decided to pop out due to the stress (our body sometimes does not get with the program). But I will never alter images of your body. God gave us these beautiful bodies, your future spouse fell in love with it as well. So the short answer is no. I do not and will not use Photoshop to alter your images. We can figure out together a photographer who will if that's the specialty you're looking for.

A RAW image is an image file that contains unprocessed data from a digital camera’s sensor. Similar to raw food ingredients that need to be prepared and cooked before consumption, a RAW image also needs to be post-processed in software before it is ready to be printed, shared, or shown on a display device. Whereas, JPEG files can be easily opened, viewed and printed by most image-viewing/editing programs. You've hired me because you like my style. Let me take care of you!

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Do you photoshop and can i have the raw files?