Money is a difficult subject to talk about. I get it. I am always on a budget. Owning a business doesn't mean I get to spend unlimited amounts of money. I am always investing in better equipment, more education (because education never stops), and finding ways to better serve my clients. The work I do is very important to me. I don't shortchange myself and neither should you. My starting prices are below. If you love my style, love my personality, and think we will do well together - like chocolate and a fine wine, let's chat. There's no reason why we can't have a conversation to figure out how to make your budget work and make a customized package. I am here to make it WERK!

it's all about

the details




You are constantly growing. Physically, spiritually, and mentally. Are you the type of person to look through an album and reminisce about the good ol' days? If you are seeking high-quality detailed photography, let's chat! I am here to serve you and your growing needs.


I LOVE LOVE. Seriously. I tear up when I see true authentic love. I love watching older couples walk hand-in-hand with the love of their life. AND EVEN MORE THAN THAT, I love seeing pictures of said couples. Your love captured in intimate settings - just the three of us. 


I am convinced that God gave us marriage for the betterment of our souls. Witnessing two souls becoming intertwined is a magical experience. I am constantly blown away when couples choose me to witness front-and-center two bodies becoming one. 




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